What do I need to bring?

We have hand saws for our customers to use as well as 2-wheelcarts to transport the tree from the field.  Customers are welcome to use their own hand saw or battery powered saws-all.

no gas or battery powered chain saws are allowed.

You may prefer to bring your own rope/tie downs or ratchet-straps, but we do have heavy duty twine available at no charge.

Do I get to cut my own tree?

Yes, that is part of the fun memorable experience of getting a real Christmas Tree.

Do you have pre-cut trees?

Yes, we have a LIMITED inventory of pre-cut trees available in our display building.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Apple Pay.

Are pets allowed on the farm?

Yes, pets are welcome if they are on a leash.  Owners are expected to clean up pet waste.

Are there restrooms available?

Yes, portable toilets are available for customer use.

What other items do you sell?

We offer a variety of handmade fresh greenery/wreaths, as well as tree stands.

Do you allow pre-tagging for cutting later?

We have a large selection of trees, we do not offer this service.

How do I care for my tree to keep it fresh?

Make sure the trunk of the tree always stays submerged in water and try to place the tree away from direct sunlight, fireplaces and heat vents.

For more detailed information, grab a card at the check-out counter.